Ferrexpo expanded funding for Humanitarian Fund to $7.5 million

Funds will be applied to supply food and medicines to local communities and to support communities in Ukraine

Полтавский и Еристовский ГОКи прошли социальный аудит SMETA (c) Ferrexpo
Ferrexpo passes SMETA social audit

For the first time, Poltava Mining and Yeristovo Mining were under such audit

Ferrexpo announces the appointment of Jim North as permanent CEO

Mr. North has held the position of Acting CEO from May 2020

Ferrexpo paid 2.7 times more taxes and fees in 9M

Poltava Mining paid ₴4.8 billion in taxes in the same period

Ukraine’s mining & metals companies are about to complete modernization of primary conversion facilities

Average annual capital investment in the mining & metals sector has reached $2 billion in 2010–2020

Sizable contribution — how much and in what mining & metals companies are investing

The mining & metals sector seeks to develop production of high value-added products

Ferrexpo ramped up iron ore concentrate production by 6% in 10M

Manufacture of iron ore pellets grew by 0.1% over that period

The mining & metals sector accounts for 10% capex in Ukraine

Are those investments stable and can they be relied on in the future?

Ferrexpo increased railway shipments to Europe by 54% in 10M

At the same time, port shipments to distant markets dropped 19.1%

Ferrexpo undertakes a commitment to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050

The Group is going to achieve a 30% reduction in combined Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions by 2030

Ferrexpo reduced pellet production by 9% in Q3

The Company increased its output 0.3% in 9M

Ferrexpo decreased pellet production by 11% in August

The Company increased its output 1% in 8M

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