Ukraine introduces a 16.1% special duty on Belarusian rebar and wir...
This step results from Belarus’s restrictions on Ukrainian scrap imports
АМКР требует пересмотра антидемпинговой пошлины на белорусские прутки (c)
AMKR demands a revision of the anti-dumping duty on Belarusian bars
The Company insists that the investigation confirmed dumping allegations, but with no safeguard duty imposed
Investigation into bar imports from Belarus and Moldova was extended
These countries’ manufacturers have an advantage over Ukrainian plants in rebar supplies
«Интерпайп» договорился о поставке ж/д колес белорусскому БЕЛАЗу (c)
Interpipe to increase supplies of wrought steel wheels to Belarus
Interpipe is going to supply 20 thousand wheels to BelAZ in 2020