Russian slabs may fall under European sanctions

The slabs were not included in the fourth EU sanctions package adopted in March 2022

Western sanctions had almost no effect on the work of the Russian iron and steel industry

After 6 months of war, steelmakers from the Russian Federation are experiencing difficulties with exporting products and buying spare parts for equipment

The Russian steel industry expects capacity underutilization according to the results of 2022

Steel consumption in the Russian Federation in the second quarter of 2022 decreased by 16% q/q

Gas prices in Europe increased against the backdrop of Russia’s refusal to launch the gas pipeline

The rise in prices was short-term, as high gas reserves in the EU allow for a quick response to panic in the market

Russian steel producers continue to export to the EU in sanctions’ violation

Russian NLMK supplies products to the EU market through the Belgian subsidiary NLMK Belgium Holdings SA and SOGEPA

European Novelis plants to refuse Russian aluminum

One of the largest consumers of aluminum will switch to alternative suppliers from 2023

Canada blocked $320 million of Russian assets within existing sanctions

The total amount of blocked assets is hundreds of billions of dollars

Russian Evraz has launched the process of selling its North American division

The company is currently collecting applications for the acquisition of the assets of Evraz North America

Indian companies are buying Asian currencies to import coal from the Russian Federation

In July, Russia became the third largest supplier of coal to India, increasing the index by 21%

The Russian Federation authorities predict an 8-year stagnation of steel industry due to sanctions

Russian steelmakers need more than 10 years to import replacement of key equipment

Turkish traders plan to sell Russian steel to the EU to circumvent sanctions

Turkey has sent a working group to the Russian Federation to resolve the issue of Russian goods

The government approved the draft decree on the confiscation of Russian assets

In total, the list includes 903 items, including property – 804 objects, corporate rights – 79 packages