The US is introducing a 70% tariff on Russian pig iron

The duty will also be applied to other steel products from the Russian Federation
Ukraine can replace the production of iron and steel of the Russian Federation in Europe for $74 million every month

Unblocking of ports, sufficient energy supplies, increasing the capacity of railways will allow our plants and minings to increase exports
Iron ore worth UAH 1.8 billion is transferred to ATMA

Due to non-payment of taxes and other payments, losses of over UAH 118 million have been caused to the state
Russia reduced iron ore exports to Europe by 4 times y/y in 2022

The export of concentrate fell by 8.5 times y/y, and pellets – by 3.7 times y/y
How Western sanctions affect Russian steel trade

The European market remained open for raw materials from the Russian Federation, the USA introduced minimal bans
The European Union plans to impose a new package of sanctions on Belarus

Restrictions, in particular, will apply to oil, coal, steel products and gold
Russian TMK sold the Romanian pipe plant Artrom Steel Tubes

The sale of the company is likely due to pressure from the Romanian authorities to protect the industry from Russian business
Estonia has imposed a ban on the import of Russian steel and iron

The sanctions came into force on January 9, 2023. Steel products must be returned from the border, abandoned or confiscated
ESB seized 166,000 tons of iron ore of a Russian oligarch worth UAH 1.8 billion

The raw material, which belongs to a citizen of the Russian Federation, was located in several seaports of Ukraine
The Belgian NLMK to resume operation of the hot rolling mill in January

Rolled steel production at the mill was suspended due to problems with the unit

Санкції проти Росії
The European Commission is considering sanctions against Russia’s mining industry

It is proposed to add a ban on new investments in the Russian mining sector to the ninth package of sanctions

Severstal lost more than $400 million due to the effect of Western sanctions

Due to the loss of Western customers, seizure of property and account balances in Europe, the company's income decreased

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