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To launch a hot-dip galvanizing plant, they plan to purchase Iranian equipment

The Belarusian-Iranian enterprise Orie Galvametal has completed registration as a resident of the free economic zone Vitebsk in Belarus and has begun pre-project preparation and design of the construction of a hot-dip galvanizing plant near the village of Farinovo, Polotsk region, at one of the sites included in the free economic zone. BelTA agency informs about it.

It is planned to purchase Iranian equipment for production. The construction and commissioning of the plant will take about 2-3 years.

“Against the backdrop of a high load on the two enterprises in Belarus in Rechitsa and Lida, an increase in demand for such a service is predicted, including in the Russian market, where this technology can effectively replace imported dyes that have left the market and were used for anti-corrosion protection,” the report says.

The plant will be built near the Novopolotsk plant of technological steel structures, the products of which are also planned to be processed.

“We are talking about cable-supporting structures, road barriers and other products used in road construction and operated in aggressive environments. We also plan to process welded grating, the production of which was launched by the plant for technological metal structures in the first quarter of 2021. These products are also supplied to Russia, where they intend to cover part of the market’s needs for anti-corrosion treatment, ”explained a representative of the Belarusian co-founder of the company Ivan Svirko.

Previously, GMK Center wrote about Ukrainian capacities hot-dip galvanizing, some of which inevitably suffered during the fighting and due to economic problems.