The duty rate is 10.6% of the net price of products

The European Union (EU) has imposed a final anti-dumping duty on the import of rebar and wire rod from Belarus for another 5 years. Kallanish reports about it with the reference to the Official Journal of the EU.

The corresponding duties were introduced in June 2017. After the expiry of the tariffs, the EU carried out a second anti-dumping investigation, the result of which was the extension of the tariffs for another 5 years.

Tariffs are subject to products under CN ex 7214 10 00, ex 7214 20 00, ex 7214 30 00, ex 7214 91 10, ex 7214 91 90, ex 7214 99 10 та ex 7214 99 95 (коди TARIC 7214 10 00 10, 72 14 20 00 20, 7214 30 00 10, 7214 91 10 10, 7214 91 90 10, 7214 99 10 10 та 7214 99 95 10). In particular, these are rebar bars and rods made of alloyed and unalloyed steel, not subjected to further processing except for forging, hot rolling, drawing or pressing.

The duty rate is 10.6% of the net price of products. The largest producer of rebar in Belarus is the Belarusian Metallurgical Plant (BMZ).

In March 2022, the EU introduced sanctions against Russia and Belarus. Despite the sanctions against Belarusian producers, which led to the cessation of imports from the country, the EC determined that anti-dumping measures are still necessary. The volume and duration of sanctions may change, and their impact on the investigation cannot be definitively determined, the European Commission notes.

As GMK Center reported earlier, the Belarusian steel plant was forced amid European sanctions to reorient the export of steel products to alternative markets, in particular, the Russian Federation, Africa, the CIS countries and Southeast Asia.

At the same time, the company reported a shortage of railcars for export of products. The main share of railcars of Belarus was directed to military transport for Russia, while the local industry experienced a shortage of rolling stock.