anti-dumping duties

EEC extends import duties on Ukrainian steel pipes for another 5 years
The European Commission sees a continuing threat of dumping if the safeguard is lifted
Mexico has extended import duties on Ukrainian wire rod for 5 years
The duty on Ukrainian metal products amounts to 41%
Ukraine extended an investigation into imports of coated rolled pro...
The court proceedings, launched at the end of the last year, have been extended to 15 months
Moldova requests revision of Ukraine’s duties on steel bars
Products of Moldova Steel Works are subject to a 13.8% duty
EEC extends a duty on Ukrainian seamless pipes of stainless steel f...
The Commission deems that local producers have sufficient capacities and are able to fully meet domestic demand
ЕЭК продлила антидемпинговые пошлины на стальные трубы из Украины
EEC extended duties on Ukraine-made steel pipes until February 2022
The safeguard measures are extended for a period of repeated investigation
ЕЭК продлила пошлины на украинские нержавеющие трубы
EEC extends duties on Ukrainian stainless pipes
The import duty has been extended for the period of anti-dumping re-investigation
Украина продлила ограничения на импорт стрелочных переводов из России
Ukraine extends restrictions on railway switch imports from Russia
The anti-dumping duty has been extended for another 5 years
Украина продлила ограничения на импорт нержавеющих труб из КНР
Ukraine extends restrictions on stainless pipes imports from China
The anti-dumping duties have been extended for another 5 years
ЕЭК начала повторное антидемпинговое расследование по украинским трубам (c)
EEC initiates repeated anti-dumping investigation concerning Ukrain...
The reason is the expiry of the safeguard measures
АМКР требует пересмотра антидемпинговой пошлины на белорусские прутки (c)
AMKR demands a revision of the anti-dumping duty on Belarusian bars
The Company insists that the investigation confirmed dumping allegations, but with no safeguard duty imposed