Бес правил: протекционизм превратил торговлю в войну всех против всех
No rules: protectionism is turning trade into an all-out war
The Ukrainian market remains quite open, and the mechanism of its protection is very weak
The number of import restrictions grew by 8% in 2020 globally
Protectionism causes huge problems for Ukraine’s export-oriented economy
GMK Center predicts a stronger impact of protectionism on the steel...
Tougher import rules on Ukraine’s key export markets jeopardize exports of around 0.5 million tons of steel
ЕЭК возобновила антидемпинговую пошлину на украинские ж/д колеса
The EEC resumed anti-dumping duty on Ukraine-made railway wheels
Demand in the railway wheels market has stabilized after a peak in 2019
Ukraine to seek simplified trade relations with the European Union
The Government wants to simplify access of Ukraine-certified goods to the EU market and to revise export quotas
The TOP 6 risks for Ukraine’s steel industry in 2020
What will await Ukraine’s steel industry next year?
On the verge. What is going on in Ukraine’s steel industry?
In 2019, Ukraine’s mining & metals sector lost profits worth $2.8 billion due to negative factors
Ugur Dalbeler: “There will be further production cuts in steel sector”
Çolakoğlu Metalurji`s CEO spoke about steelmakers` perspectives for 2020
Long products, low quotations: a review of the rebar market
Rebar prices stopped falling, though with no long-term prospects for demand improvement
ЕЭК продлила расследование по импорту оцинковки из Украины (c)
The EEC extends the investigation into the imports of coil from Ukr...
The anti-dumping investigation will last until 28 December
How Ukraine’s steel industry resists global protectionism
Ukrainian producers have increased exports of steel products by 7.5% over the four months of 2019.
Export of products of the mining & metals sector amid trade ba...
There are no partners in trade wars. No one will help us, but ourselves