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Decreasing grain export from Ukraine can cause global food shortage
Food shortage will fuel inflation and accelerate migration from Africa and Middle East
GMK Center and Saving Lives Foundation have signed a MoU
Memorandum of understanding aimed at humanitarian catastrophe prevention and Ukrainian population assistance
Ukraine lost 3.5 million tons of metal exports due to trade barriers
Financial losses from existing tariffs and quotas are equivalent to the loss of a large steel plant
The war in Ukraine intensified protectionism effects in the world
Market cyclicality affects the number of measures introduced, but not their easing
GMK Center finished Ukrainian economy during the war research series
Our analysts described the negative consequences of the war in various sectors of the economy
Analysts listed key risks for iron & steel industry of Ukraine...
The key external factors of influence will be the situation in the economies of China and Turkey, and the policy of the world’s central banks
The Cabinet of Ministers embarks upon green economic transformations
The Ministry of Energy is currently working on three documents, being parts of the green energy transition strategy
Decarbonization of Ukraine’s steel industry requires $25 billion of...
There are no ready-made solutions in the global market, they will start emerging since 2025
Around 350 decarbonization projects are at early implementation sta...
North-West Europe is leading the decarbonization move with almost equal focus on hydrogen and carbon capture technologies
PEM technology enabled ArcelorMittal to reduce CO2 emissions by 25%
The PEM-BOF route using melted scrap allows to reduce energy consumption and curb emissions
Forum “Decarbonization of the steel industry: a challenge for...
The GMK Center brought together industry leaders to discuss the prospects for decarbonization of metallurgy
Треть украинского экспорта в ЕС может попасть под действие CBAM (c)
CBAM might apply to one third of Ukraine’s exports to the EU
Once introduced, CBAM will increase the fiscal burden of Ukrainian producers of electricity, fertilizers and metal products