production results

Centravis reduced production of stainless pipes by 9% in 2020

The Company’s output is scheduled to reach 17.5 thousand tons in 2021

За 9 мес. 2020 года производство металлоконструкций выросло на 5% (c) УЦСС
Production of steel structures increased by 5% over 9M 2020

Consumption of steel structures grew by 8%

Ukraine cut steel production by 1.4% in 2020

Pig iron production increased by 1.5%, rolled products by 0.7%

Украина в январе-ноябре сократила выпуск ферросплавов на 29,5%
Ukraine reduced ferroalloys production by 29.5% in January–November

On the other hand, production of manganese concentrate increased

Украина в январе-ноябре сократила производство труб на 16,4%
Ukraine reduced pipe production by 16.4% in January–November

Member companies of Ukrtruboprom cut pipe production by 26.2%

«АрселорМиттал» в январе-ноябре сократил выпуск проката на 3,7%
AMKR decreased production of rolled products by 3.7% in 11M

Production of steel and pig iron also went down

Украинские металлурги в ноябре нарастили выплавку стали на 27,2%
Ukrainian steelmakers ramped up steel production by 27.2% in November

Production of rolled products and pig iron grew as well in 11M

«АрселорМиттал» досрочно выполнил годовой план по выпуску концентрата
ArcelorMittal fulfills its annual concentrate production plan ahead of schedule

The Company produced 10 million tons of concentrate as of 10 December

Украина в январе-ноябре сократила выпуск кокса на 5.1%
Ukraine reduced coke production by 5.1% in January–November

811 thousand tons of coke were produced in November

Ferrexpo в январе-октябре увеличила выпуск окатышей на 3,5% (c)
Ferrexpo increased production of iron ore pellets by 3.5% in January–October

Iron ore concentrate production in the same period also increased

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