За 9 мес. 2020 года производство металлоконструкций выросло на 5% (c) УЦСС(с) УЦСС

Consumption of steel structures grew by 8%

In January–September 2020, production of steel structures in Ukraine increased by 5% to 106 thousand tons compared to the same period of 2019, according to the preliminary statistics of Ukrainian Steel Construction Center (USCC).

USCC noted an increase in the number of companies that produce more than 5 thousand tons and from 2 thousand to 5 thousand tons. In general, 42% of companies, the main producers of structures, ramped up production.

In January–September 2020, apparent consumption of steel structures grew by 8% to 106 thousand tons compared to the same period of 2019.

Export volume of steel structures in this period increased by 4 thousand tons to 7.9 thousand tons against January–September 2019. Steel structures used in general construction accounted for 80% of total exports.

In 2020, USCC predicted a 2% growth in production of steel structures against 2019.

As reported earlier, production of steel structures was up by 11% to 138 thousand tons in 2019 against 2018. Consumption increased by 8.9% to 135 thousand tons.