production results

Ferrexpo в январе-мае увеличила выпуск окатышей на 6% (c) Ferrexpo
Ferrexpo ramped up pellet production by 6% in January–May
The Group increased sales of pellets by 21% over the five months
Украинский ГМК в мае сократил выпуск стали на 11,1% (c)
Ukraine’s mining & metals sector cut steel production by 11.1%
Conversely, steel production increased against April
Украина в январе-апреле сократила производство труб на 28,3% (c)
Ukraine reduced pipe production by 28.3% in January–April
Member companies of Ukrtruboprom reduced production by 37.1%
«Интерпайп» в январе-апреле нарастил выпуск ж/д продукции на 16,7%
Interpipe increased production of railway products by 16.7% in Janu...
Steel production fell by 12.5%, while production of pipes was down by more than a third
Steel production in Ukraine plummeted by 27% in April
Steel production dropped by 9.6% in four months
Украинский ГМК в январе-марте сократил производство стали на 3,4% (c)
Ukraine’s mining & metals sector cut steel production by 3.4%
Production of rolled products increased by 1.8% over 3 months
Interpipe increased production in the railway segment by 21% in Q1
Steel production fell by 2.3%, while production of pipes was down by a third
Ferrexpo increased production of iron ore pellets by 7.4% in Januar...
The Company produced 2.725 million tons of pellets over three months
AMKR ended 2019 with a ₴2.3 billion loss
The Company’s net sales revenue in 2019 shrank by 8.2%