Centravis reports an early improvement in billets supply
The biggest supplier of the plant's billets, Dniprospetsstal, is gradually restarting production
Centravis to increase sales in the United States after the tariffs ...
The company also records improvements in the supply of billets
Centravis increased the output after improved billet supplies
The plant produces the pipes for instrumentation and automotive industry in the first place
Centravis launched pipes production for the automotive industry
The company receives the necessary billet from Europe
Ukrainian Centravis will make a 10-day repair stop in May
Production depends on the raw materials supply
Centravis extended production shutdown until March 16
The company intends to put to work one shift to complete part of orders
Centravis extended the shutdown of production until March 9
The company held 15% share of stainless seamless pipes in EU
Centravis to increase CAPEX to €10 million in 2022
The Company doubled its CAPEX to €4 million last year
EEC extends a duty on Ukrainian seamless pipes of stainless steel f...
The Commission deems that local producers have sufficient capacities and are able to fully meet domestic demand
Украина почти исчерпала квоту на поставку в ЕС нержавеющих труб (c) Centravis
Ukraine has almost exhausted its quota for stainless pipes exports ...
Ukraine has already exhausted its quotas for cold-rolled products, hollow sections and wire exports
Centravis reduced production of stainless pipes by 9% in 2020
The Company’s output is scheduled to reach 17.5 thousand tons in 2021