Centravis is completing work on opening a new enterprise in Uzhhorod

The new production site will produce tubes for the cars' fuel systems

Centravis has launched pipe production at full capacity

The key equipment of the plant is fully supplied with electricity, hot and cold shops are working

Centravis is working on opening a production site in western Ukraine

The company will specialize in tool tubes for the automotive industry

Andriy Krasyuk: «Centravis is loaded at 60-70% of the pre-war level»

Centravis production director – about the current situation at the company and the company's plans

Centravis operates intermittently due to power outages

Last week, the company completed the overhaul of the press line and put it into operation

Centravis paid more than UAH 230 million in taxes in January-October 2022

UAH 41.7 million were transferred to the local budget for 10 months, and UAH 16.8 million – to the state budget

Centravis produced more than 10,000 tons of pipes in January-November 2022

The production of products in 11 months of 2022 decreased by 34% y/y

Centravis received a contract for the supply of 20 tons of seamless pipes to Oman

A batch of GTP duplex steel grade pipes will be shipped to Petroleum Development Oman

Centravis reduced capacity to decrease the load on the power system

The company decided to stop the pressing line for planned overhaul to reduce electricity consumption

Centravis to expand production based on customer interest

After the ADIPEC conference in Abu Dhabi, the company notes the interest of world leaders in Ukrainian pipe products

Export of products in wartime: how to solve logistical issues

Even before the war, Centravis prudently reoriented maritime logistics from Ukrainian to European ports

Centravis transferred the main production to night shifts

In this way, the company plans to reduce the load on the power system

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