Ferrexpo launches a 5 MW solar power plant
The Company uses almost 10 thousand solar panels from Jinko Solar for the project
EBA: Ukraine can cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40–45% by 2030
EBA: Ukraine can cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40–45% by 2030
That requires heavy investments in decarbonization efforts
(c) metinvest.com
Metinvest is exploring a possibility of building a plant for $3.5–4...
The Group is considering Mariupol and Zaporizhia as potential construction sites for a new EAF steelmaking plant
What future will ‘green’ transformation bring
Ukraine’s climate targets will require wider access to international green financial instruments
Треть украинского экспорта в ЕС может попасть под действие CBAM (c) shutterstock.com
CBAM might apply to one third of Ukraine’s exports to the EU
Once introduced, CBAM will increase the fiscal burden of Ukrainian producers of electricity, fertilizers and metal products
Бизнес назвал экологические приоритеты на 2021 год (с) shutterstock.com
Business named environmental priorities for 2021
The list includes a cut in greenhouse gas emissions and industrial pollution control reform
Business proposes a reform of Ukraine’s environmental policy
The European Business Association presents an environmental legislation reform program
Рада зарегистрировала законопроект о разрешениях на промышленные выбросы (c) shutterstock.com
The Ukrainian Parliament registered a draft law on industrial emiss...
The document provides for the introduction of an industrial pollution control system
Ferrexpo invested over ₴891 million in environmental projects in 2....
On the Company’s environmental priorities for the near future
Green transition: how to go green without going astray
The EU’s experience in the implementation of the green industrial policy can be a driver of economic change in Ukraine
Кабмин принял сразу четыре постановления о рынке парниковых газов(c) shutterstock.com
Three Resolutions on greenhouse gas emission allowances were adopte...
This has marked the next step in the introduction of greenhouse gas allowances in the country
Украина будет искать финансирование для участия в European Green Deal (c) atlantikcouncil.org
Ukraine to seek funding for participating in the European Green Deal
To effectively participate in the Green Deal, the country needs to develop a ‘roadmap’ with the EU