Бизнес назвал экологические приоритеты на 2021 год (с) shutterstock.com Бизнес назвал экологические приоритеты на 2021 год (с) shutterstock.com

The list includes a cut in greenhouse gas emissions and industrial pollution control reform

The European Business Association (EBA) named nine priorities of shaping environmental policy for 2021, according to a message on the website of the Association.

Specifically, business set the following nine environmental priorities for 2021:

  1. Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, including the setting of a realistic goal under Ukraine’s second Intended Nationally Determined Contribution to the Paris Agreement, development of a roadmap and identification of sources of funding for the participation of Ukraine in the European Green Deal, drafting of a legal framework to test the emissions trading system,
  2. Environmental finance and environmental taxation reform,
  3. Improvement of the legal framework on environmental impact assessment,
  4. State environmental control reform,
  5. Industrial pollution control reform,
  6. Development of alternative fuels,
  7. Waste management reform,
  8. State support for environmental modernization projects,
  9. Implementation of sustainable development principles by Ukrainian companies.

“Most of the environmental business priorities are in one way or another aimed at supporting sectoral initiatives to cut greenhouse gas emissions. We do hope the Government will create appropriate stimulating conditions enabling business to develop and contribute to Ukraine’s economic growth,” said Olga Boyko, Coordinator of the EBA Committee on Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Development.

In 2020, one of the key business successes, as emphasized by the EBA, is the launch of a system of monitoring, reporting and verification as the first phase of shaping a greenhouse gas emissions trading market.

As reported earlier, three resolutions were adopted at once by the Government in September to design mechanisms for creating a greenhouse gas emissions trading market in Ukraine.