greenhouse gas emissions

Бизнес назвал экологические приоритеты на 2021 год (с)
Business named environmental priorities for 2021
The list includes a cut in greenhouse gas emissions and industrial pollution control reform
Кабмин принял сразу четыре постановления о рынке парниковых газов(c)
Three Resolutions on greenhouse gas emission allowances were adopte...
This has marked the next step in the introduction of greenhouse gas allowances in the country
Business calls on the Government to step up the launch of the marke...
A delayed launch of the CO2 emission allowances market increases the risk of imposing carbon tax on Ukrainian
Минприроды назвало приоритеты климатоохранной политики на 2020 год (c)
The Ministry of Natural Resources named priorities of the climate p...
Among them is the introduction of a system of monitoring and verification of greenhouse gas emissions
ВР приняла закон о системе мониторинга выбросов СО2 (c)
The Parliament passed the Law on greenhouse gas emissions monitoring
This is the first step towards introducing a national greenhouse gas emissions trading system