The carbon threat to Ukrainian exports to the EU
Export costs of Ukrainian companies supplying their products to the EU might increase to €566.3 million
Business calls on the Government to step up the launch of the marke...
A delayed launch of the CO2 emission allowances market increases the risk of imposing carbon tax on Ukrainian
Рада одобрила приоритеты экологической политики на 5 лет
The Parliament approved the environmental policy priorities for 5 y...
The Cabinet of Ministers is to report on the implementation of the Recommendations until 1 July
ВР приняла закон о системе мониторинга выбросов СО2 (c) shutterstock.com
The Parliament passed the Law on greenhouse gas emissions monitoring
This is the first step towards introducing a national greenhouse gas emissions trading system
Ukrainian authorities discourage decarbonization of industry
The government should struggle against emissions in cooperation with the polluting companies rather
A higher carbon tax is going to have a negative impact on Ukraine
The foregone carbon tax revenue will amount to ₴260 million in 2019
Ukraine to launch CO2 emissions monitoring in 2021
This will be the first stage of introducing the greenhouse gas emission allowance trading in Ukraine