European Green Deal

Украина ожидает сложных переговоров по торговле металлопродукцией с ЕС (c)
Negotiations on trade in metal products between Ukraine and EU are ...
Ukraine will fulfill its commitments under the European Green Deal to the extent economically feasible
Green transition: how to go green without going astray
The EU’s experience in the implementation of the green industrial policy can be a driver of economic change in Ukraine
Украина будет искать финансирование для участия в European Green Deal (c)
Ukraine to seek funding for participating in the European Green Deal
To effectively participate in the Green Deal, the country needs to develop a ‘roadmap’ with the EU
Украина нацелена на индивидуальный подход в European Green Deal (c) Government Europa
Ukraine wants an individual approach in the European Green Deal
A roadmap for the Green Deal implementation should be in line with Ukraine’s opportunities
The carbon threat to Ukrainian exports to the EU
Export costs of Ukrainian companies supplying their products to the EU might increase to €566.3 million
Business calls on the Government to step up the launch of the marke...
A delayed launch of the CO2 emission allowances market increases the risk of imposing carbon tax on Ukrainian
Украина готова обсудить с ЕС возможность участия в European Green Deal (c)
Ukraine is ready to discuss accession to the European Green Deal wi...
The Ukrainian government seeks to synchronize the national environmental policy with the EU Member States