АМКР в первом полугодии инвестировал 389,2 млн грн в экологию (с)
AMKR invested ₴389.2 million in environmental projects in H1
Since 2006, the Company has invested around ₴7 billion in environmental projects
Минприроды назвало приоритеты климатоохранной политики на 2020 год (c)
The Ministry of Natural Resources named priorities of the climate p...
Among them is the introduction of a system of monitoring and verification of greenhouse gas emissions
Business advocates the increased use of slags in road construction
The extensive use of slags in road construction will allow the government to save hundreds of millions of hryvnias
«Метинвест» за пять лет вложил 22,5 млрд грн в экологию в Кривом Роге (с)
Metinvest has invested ₴22.5 billion in the environment in Kryvyi Rih
The Group use water stemming in mining operations and conveyor transport to cut exhaust gas emissions
Бизнес призывает Раду ввести мораторий на увеличение эконалога (с)
Business calls to impose moratorium on a hike in environmental tax
If environmental tax rate increases, the Ukrainian industrial sector may suffer significant losses
Donetsk oblast was the first to use slags in road construction
Zaporizhzhia and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts are next in line
(c) GMK Center
Environmental tax payments of Ukrainian steelmakers increased by 40...
The business paid ₴3.9 billion in environmental tax over the last year
Украина готова обсудить с ЕС возможность участия в European Green Deal (c)
Ukraine is ready to discuss accession to the European Green Deal wi...
The Ukrainian government seeks to synchronize the national environmental policy with the EU Member States
АМКР закрывает мартеновское производство с марта (c)
AMKR to shut down the open-hearth furnace shop in March
The company is going to focus on BOF steelmaking
АМКР планирует направить $700 млн на экомодернизацию производства (c) GMK Center
ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih to invest $700 mln in modernization
Maximum effect in environment protection can be achieved by mutual efforts of business, public and the government
Рада одобрила приоритеты экологической политики на 5 лет
The Parliament approved the environmental policy priorities for 5 y...
The Cabinet of Ministers is to report on the implementation of the Recommendations until 1 July
Gabriel Sauer: «Business should invest in clean technology»
GIZ project manager in Ukraine told how Ukrainian industry will move towards fewer emissions