Cabinet of Ministers

The government allowed the import of industrial parks’ equipment without payment of duty

This is one of the incentives provided to industrial park participants

The Cabinet of Ministers imposed a ban on the coking coal export

The decision was made with the aim of ensuring proper preparation and passage of the heating season

The government rejected the decision to introduce an additional tax on imports

Despite the fact that the draft law was approved by the ministry, it will not be registered in the parliament

The Cabinet of Ministers extended the quarantine and state of emergency until December 31

This is another mode in addition to the martial law action

The government plans to create a Prompt Recovery Fund in the 2023

International donors and state enterprises will be able to send funds to the fund

The Cabinet of Ministers allocated UAH 45 million for the creation of processing enterprises

The funds are transferred to the Ministry of Economy for the provision of non-refundable grants

The government approved the draft decree on the confiscation of Russian assets

In total, the list includes 903 items, including property – 804 objects, corporate rights – 79 packages

The Cabinet of Ministers transferred Kryvbasproekt to the management of State Property Fund for privatization

In general, 420 state-owned enterprises will be transferred to the management of the State Property Fund

The Cabinet of Ministers intends to impose an additional fee on imports

The government plans to introduce the corresponding bill for consideration in the coming weeks.

The Ministry of Strategic Industries has started a study of steel smelting and scrap supply balance

As a result, it is planned to prepare possible relaxations regarding the export of raw materials and the disposal of military equipment

Business negatively evaluates the new changes of the Cabinet of Ministers for subsoil users

The State Geology, on the contrary, believes that the changes will remove obstacles to the work of mining companies

The Cabinet of Ministers allowed the export of mineral fertilizers

The government lifted the de facto ban on the export of rye, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizers