Cabinet of Ministers

Кабмин продлил адаптивный карантин до 31 июля (c)
The Cabinet of Ministers prolongs adaptive quarantine until 31 July
The reason is the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Ukraine
Кабмин допускает падение ВВП Украины в 2020 году до 8% (c)
The government expects an 8% drop in Ukraine’s GDP in 2020
The updated government’s action plan is sent to the Verkhovna Rada for consideration
The Government to launch an economy-boosting program in H2
At the first stage, the Government will focus on protecting Ukraine-made goods from imported alternatives
The Cabinet extended the quarantine until 22 June
Passenger suburban and interregional rail transportation will resume on 1 June, air transportation on 15 June
The Cabinet of Ministers to launch program to support industry and ...
The government program will provide for the preferential loan conditions and requirements for production localization
Ukraine to seek simplified trade relations with the European Union
The Government wants to simplify access of Ukraine-certified goods to the EU market and to revise export quotas
Кабмин ожидает падения ВВП в 2020 году на 4,8% (c)
The government expects a 4.8% drop in GDP in 2020
According to the government’s estimates, Ukraine’s exports of goods and services will drop by 5.5% next year
The Cabinet promises not to suspend industrial enterprises
The government plans to commence restarting the economy in early May
The Cabinet declares the outbreak of coronavirus to be an emergency
An emergency was declared for 30 days, quarantine is extended until 24 April
The number of objects transferred for privatization reached 530
This is the largest number over all 28 years of independence
The government has already initiated privatization of 339 state-run...
The rest of them are expected to be transferred to the State Property Fund for privatization until 31 December