Cabinet of Ministers

The Ministry of Economy initiates a ban on scrap exports until 2023
The possible ban will not apply to exports to the EU, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the CIS (except Russia), Israel, Canada, Montenegro and the EAEU countries
The Cabinet of Ministers approves the space program of Ukraine wort...
The plans include designing a lunar module and devices for a possible lunar mission worth ₴3.2 billion and building Tsyklon 4М (₴5.3 billion), Tsyklon-1 (₴3.9 billion)...
The Cabinet of Ministers embarks upon green economic transformations
The Ministry of Energy is currently working on three documents, being parts of the green energy transition strategy
The Cabinet of Ministers to allocate ₴16 billion for infrastructure...
The draft budget also provides for ₴124.1 billion for road improvement and ₴53.3 for regional development
The Government to encourage Ukraine’s car and locomotive building
The Prime Minister says renewal of Ukrzaliznytsia’s rolling stock is among the Government’s priorities
The Ministry of Economy says the NDC-2 adopted by the Cabinet of Mi...
The document balances the country’s climate ambitions with the conditions on which it agrees to achieve carbon neutrality
The Cabinet approves a 35% target for cutting CO2 emissions by 2030
The Government plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions through decarbonization and development of RES
Кабмин продлил режим чрезвычайной ситуации в Украине до июля
The Cabinet of Ministers extends an emergency in Ukraine until July
The emergency rather concerns government agencies and their response to the pandemic
«АрселорМиттал» инвестирует $1 млрд в экомодернизацию до 2032 года (c)
ArcelorMittal and the Ministry of Economy signed an investment memo...
The Company plans to invest $1 billion in environmental modernization and production development under a Steel Billion program
Economic stagnation is a key risk for climate policy
A cut in emissions is impossible if it is not backed up by economic growth
Кабмин запретил ввоз ж/д колес из России в Украину
The Government banned imports of railway wheels from Russia
Wheel axles are also on the list of Russian goods banned from imports into Ukraine
Кабмин одобрил увеличение уставного капитала ЭКА на 1,8 млрд грн (с)
The Government increased the authorized capital of ECA by ₴1.8 billion
Funding will be funneled through the issuance of additional government debt securities