energy crisis
ZFP has stopped production until stable energy supply is restored

The business was shut down when electrical problems began
Acciaierie d’Italia to produce 4 million tons of crude steel in 2023

Thanks to the support of the state, the Italian steel enterprise sets ambitious goals for the coming years
US Steel Kosice resumed operation of the blast furnace after a month and a half of downtime

The unit was forced to stop due to high energy prices, low market demand and a sharp increase in imports
The Italian government has approved the provision of €1 billion to rescue Acciaierie d’Italia

Investments will be directed to the restart of production processes and ensuring employment and higher results of the enterprise
The level of utilization of steelmaking capacities in Turkiye has fallen to 50% – TCUD

Loads of steel mills have decreased due to falling global demand for steel and rising electricity costs
Sukha Balka purchased a generator in case of power outages

The European generator will assist in evacuating people from the mine in the event of a power outage
Poland reduced steel production by 13.7% m/m in November 2022

In January-November 2022, the country's steelmakers reduced steel production by 7.9% y/y
The reduction of electricity costs made it easier for German steelmakers

The autumn months adjusted the cost of electricity by an average of €300 MWh from the peak price in August 2022 – to €150 MWh

Germany has already spent €440 billion to combat the energy crisis

This figure is already almost comparable to approximately €480 billion, which the country has directed since 2020 to protect its economy from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic
Liberty Steel will supply Dunaferr with coking coal to avoid plant shutdowns

The Hungarian authorities asked the Polish Liberty Steel to ship raw materials for Dunaferr in order to continue the operation of the coke batteries of the plant
UK Steel has called on the government to extend the electricity bill compensation scheme

The company expects to receive a response from the UK's authorities to confirm and improve the operation of the scheme after March 2023

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