energy crisis

The UK’s trade unions are calling on the government to support the steel industry

The UK's industry will not be able to compete if it pays twice as much as the EU for electricity

European countries have spent more than €700 billion to combat the energy crisis

The UK and Norway allocated €105 billion for this

The German government agreed on the details of the scheme for overcoming the energy crisis

From 2023, industry will receive 70% of annual gas consumption at a price of 7 euro cents/kWh

The cost of energy continues to affect Turkish steelmakers – CIB

The share of energy costs in the steel industry increased from 7% to 27%
Spain allocated for ArcelorMittal €17.1 million in compensation for indirect emissions

Total support for Spain's energy-intensive industry is €244 million, of which the steel sector accounts for 37.5%
ArcelorMittal temporarily suspended steel and rolled products production

The available amounts of electricity are not enough to support production even at 20% capacity

The economy of the Eurozone will suffer the most from the global recession – OECD

European countries will feel the hardest hit as the Russian war hits business activity and causes a spike in energy prices

Energy crisis in Europe could deepen next winter

Energy-dependent industries will actively explore the possibility of moving production

The Italian government allocated €9.1 billion to compensate high energy costs

A third of the funds will go to tax credits for enterprises

Switzerland will allocate ₣100 million for the urgent restoration of Ukraine’s energy sector

The funds will be directed to mitigating the consequences of winter for the population of Ukraine

High energy prices threaten the industrial base of the EU — Moody’s

There is a high risk of investment displacement from energy-intensive production sectors of the EU

Attacks on the energy infrastructure have complicated the work of the steel sector

Companies in the industry are working with reduced volumes and are implementing energy saving measures

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