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US reduced steel imports by 4% m/m in August

Imports of rolled products into the US increased by 1.4% m/m over the month
Spain reduced steel production by 12.2% m/m in August

In January-August, Spanish steelmakers reduced steel production by 7.1% y/y
Turkiye reduced steel production by 3.5% m/m in August

During the month, Turkish steelmakers produced 2.79 million tons of steel
Global steel production in August increased by 2.2% y/y

Total production in the CIS countries + Ukraine for the month increased by 10.7% y/y
Germany reduced steel output by 4.2% y/y in January-August

Production of pig iron in the country decreased by 0.1% y/y in this period
Poland should stimulate industry to green energy transition

The country should also make better use of scrap stocks to make decarbonization cheaper

Italy reduced steel production by 53% m/m in August

Italian steelmakers reduced steel output by 4% y/y in January-August
Japan’s JFE Steel stopped blast furnace production at the Keihin steel plant

This is due to the reduction of domestic demand and the growth of competition from China
Steel production in China decreased by 4.8% m/m in August

Chinese steelmakers increased steel output by 2.6% y/y in January-August
UAE companies consortium to build 4 steel plants in the country

130,000 square meters were allocated for the implementation of the corresponding project in the industrial city of Umm-el-Quwain
Ulanhot Steel launches a new blast furnace at a plant in northern China

The capacity of the unit is estimated at 1.13 million tons of pig iron per year
Turkish steelmakers need support in the fight against rising imports

TCUD believes that the steel sector industry needs competitive energy prices

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