LIBERTY Dunaújváros decommissions two coke ovens

Coke production will end on June 12, but the shutdown process will continue for several months

Liberty and China’s CISDI finalize plans for EAF in Dunaújváros

The parties signed a contract for the completion of a full technical and economic feasibility study

Dunaferr looks forward to cooperation with the automaker Audi Hungary

Thus, the company plans to increase capacity utilization

LIBERTY restarts part of the rolling capacity of Hungarian Dunaferr

As part of the 2024 production program, Dunaferr has restarted rolling mills and a galvanizing line

European Commission approved Liberty Steel’s acquisition of Hungarian Dunaferr

The EC concluded that the merger would not cause competition in the EU market, given the limited capabilities of the company

Dunafer suspends rolling lines due to slab shortage – Argus

The only working unit at the plant is the coke-chemical unit. The products are supplied to the Romanian plant Liberty Galati

Liberty Steel to stop production at Dunaferr for three months

The work of the coke-chemical division will be reduced to a minimum

Liberty Steel is decommissioning the only operating blast furnace on Dunafer – Argus

This is explained by the high cost of production amid low prices for finished products

Tender for Dunaferr did not meet the criteria of transparency – Metinvest

The Ukrainian company commented on the results of the bidding for the Hungarian steel plant

Liberty Steel won the tender to acquire Hungarian Dunaferr

The company offered €55 million for the enterprise

Hungary has extended the deadline for submission of proposals for the acquisition of Dunaferr

GFG Alliance (the parent company of Liberty Steel) and Vulcan Steel are currently competing for the venture

Hungarian Dunaferr plans to resume rolling mills in July

Currently, the rolling capacities are idle, as the bidding for the steel plant continues

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