Thus, the company plans to increase capacity utilization

Recently, Hungarian Secretary of State Gergely Fabian and Chairman of the Board of Audi Hungary Alfons Dintner visited Liberty Dunaújváros (formerly Dunaferr) to discuss future cooperation between the steelmaker and the automaker. This was reported by Hungary today.

During the meeting, Liberty Dunaújváros management emphasized the company’s long-term experience in producing high-quality steel for the international automotive industry and outlined ambitious plans for green steel production over the next few years. The delegation visited the hot rolling mill.

«We believe that LIBERTY Dunaújváros can become the center of an environmental revolution in the automotive industry, contributing to even greater emission reductions in the automotive industry. We look forward to continuing negotiations with Audi in the future,» said Ajay Aggarwal, President of LIBERTY Steel Group’s European division.

In mid-January 2024, Liberty Dunaújváros announced the completion of the first January production campaign at its rolling mills, including the galvanizing line, at the request of specific customers. The next campaign is next in line, which will begin in the same month.

The restart of the Dunaújváros rolling mills is the first step in the company’s 100-day program aimed at increasing capacity utilization, improving efficiency and preparing for the expected recovery in market demand. At the same time, the plant’s blast furnace is still idle.

As GMK Center reported earlier, British Liberty won the tender for the acquisition of Hungarian Dunaferr in mid-July 2023, offering €55 million for the company. At the last stage, it competed with Vulcan Steel, a private company based in Mauritius. Metinvest Group, which was one of the bidders for the plant, said that the tender did not initially meet the criteria of transparency, was held in a very short time frame, and information for participants was limited. The company also noted that the plant’s value is about €200 million.