Dunaferr restarts blast furnace amid positive market trends

The Hungarian plant uses stock raw materials to start the unit, but additional supplies are needed for the stable operation of the furnace

The Hungarian Dunaferr steel mill is idle due to a lack of raw materials

The company could not resume steel production due to the lack of supplies of raw materials from the Romanian Liberty Galati

One of Dunaferr’s blast furnaces is beyond repair — ArgusMedia

The other is planned to be restarted in the coming weeks

Hungary will provide $45 million to the Dunaferr steel plant to pay salaries

In the next six months, a working group will search for an investor

Liberty Steel signs contract to manage Hungarian Dunaferr – ArgusMedia

Earlier, the municipal court of Budapest decided to liquidate the steel plant and granted temporary administration to the enterprise

Metinvest is interested in the Hungarian steel mill Dunaferr

In December, the court ruled on the liquidation of ISD Dunaferr, the liquidation began on January 5, 2023

The Hungarian steel plant Dunaferr received a temporary administration

In August and September 2022, the enterprise temporarily stopped the operation of two blast furnaces

Liberty Steel will supply Dunaferr with coking coal to avoid plant shutdowns

The Hungarian authorities asked the Polish Liberty Steel to ship raw materials for Dunaferr in order to continue the operation of the coke batteries of the plant

The Hungarian steel mill Dunaferr was forced to stop production

The reason was the refusal of the Austrian Donau Brennstoffkontor GmbH to supply coke

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