post-war recovery

«Steel dream»: Ukrainian steelmakers are ready to help restore the country

Metinvest proposed the concept of rebuilding Ukraine
The government announced plans to launch the Development Fund of Ukraine

The fund's activities will be directed to key sectors of the Ukrainian economy
Metinvest in partnership with Italy plans to supply steel for the reconstruction of Ukraine

The company plans to cooperate with Italian enterprises in transport, energy and social infrastructure

$17 billion is needed for the quick recovery of Ukraine – Shmyhal

Ukraine has already verified $326 billion in direct losses from Russian aggression

The government plans to create a Prompt Recovery Fund in the 2023

International donors and state enterprises will be able to send funds to the fund

Ruukki plans raw materials imports for Ukraine’s rebuilt

The company learns infrastructure and residential buildings restoration

National Recovery Plan includes $750 billion investments over 10 years

About $6 billion to use for the rebuilding and development of Ukrainian steel industry

Post-war reconstruction of Ukraine could cost € 1 trillion – EIB

According to the head of the European Investment Bank Werner Hoyer, Europe "will have to play the biggest role"

The prospects of Ukraine’s post-war green rebuild

Ukraine has lost up to 50% of the economy, and will recover only in 5 years at the pre-war level

Russia’s war against Ukraine destroyed over 200 enterprises

Ukraine's economic losses from the Russian war reached $600 billion

Anatoliy Kinakh: Ukraine’s post-war economy will be radically different

There will be more innovation and less traditionalism in Ukraine’s economy, President of Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs believes

European Commission approved Ukraine’s Recovery Plan

EU will become a key participant in Ukraine’s future reconstruction

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