Ukraine’s GDP

Минэкономики ожидает в 2020 году спад ВВП Украины на 3,9% (c)
The Ministry of Economy expects a 3.9% decline in Ukraine’s GDP in 2020

The Ministry revised its initial growth forecast of 3.7%

Ministry of Economy: Ukraine’s GDP fell by 0.5% in January

Volodymyr Kompaniets, economic expert, says it was the first drop in the past 49 months

Ukraine’s GDP slowed down to 1.5% in Q4 2019

This is the lowest GDP growth rate since Q2 2016

NBU: economic recession reached 3.5% in November 2019

The steel industry with a fall rate of 14.2% in November was among the sectors leading the industrial collapse

Ukraine’s GDP in Q3 increased by 0.6% against Q2

Nominal GDP amounted to ₴1,105.5 billion, ₴26,300 or $1,125 per capita

Всемирный банк прогнозирует рост ВВП Украины в 2019-м в 3,6% (c)
The World Bank forecasts a 3.6% GDP growth in Ukraine in 2019

The WB revised its original forecast of 3.4%

Ukraine’s economy grew by 4.2% in Q3

GDP grew by 0.7% compared to Q2 2019

The government expects an 11.6% growth of GDP within 3 years

The export surplus will increase from minus $16.7 billion in 2020 to minus $25.5 billion in 2022

Минэкономики повысило прогноз по ВВП Украины до 3,7% в 2020 г (c)
The Ministry of Economy improved the GDP forecast for Ukraine up to 3.7%

Earlier, the Ministry expected an increase of 3.2%

Ukraine’s GDP growth can slow down to 3.4–3.5% in Q3

Ukraine’s GDP growth can slow down to 3.4–3.5% in Q3

Ukraine’s GDP grew by 4.6% in the first half of the year

The share of the steel sector in the gross domestic product reaches 2.3%

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