The Government to revise its decision on import quotas for sulfuric...
Ukrainian producers initiated the extension of restrictions on imports of sulfuric acid and oleum
Украина исчерпала квоту на поставку профиля в ЕС (c)
Ukraine filled its quota for exports of hollow sections to the EU
The country quota for exports of seamless pipes of stainless steel is 62% exhausted
Украина почти исчерпала квоту на поставку х/к проката в ЕС (c) Yahoo Finance
Ukraine has almost exhausted its country quota for hot-rolled produ...
Domestic producers are rapidly filling the hollow sections quota as well
The UK will have its own steel import quotas from 1 January
Quotas will be introduced for Ukraine’s cold-rolled sheets, hot-rolled plates and rebar
Украина полностью исчерпала квоту на поставку безшовных труб в ЕС (c) shutterstock.com
Ukraine completely exhausted the country quota for exports of stain...
The export quota for non-alloy wire and hollow sections will soon be filled too
Украина полностью исчерпала квоту на поставку нержавеющих труб в ЕС
Ukraine completely exhausted the quota for exports of stainless pip...
The quota for non-alloy wire exports will soon be filled too
Ukraine to launch CO2 emissions monitoring in 2021
This will be the first stage of introducing the greenhouse gas emission allowance trading in Ukraine
EU imposed safeguard measures against 12 categories of Ukrainian me...
Country-specific tariff quotas apply to 11 categories, global ones — to gas pipes
ЕЭК с 1 декабря вводит квоты на импорт горячекатаного проката из Украины (c) shutterstock.com
The EEC will apply quotas on the imports of hot-rolled products fro...
The quotas are not supposed to significantly affect the Ukrainian producers
How Ukraine’s steel industry resists global protectionism
Ukrainian producers have increased exports of steel products by 7.5% over the four months of 2019.