«Метинвест» в первом квартале увеличил выручку на 43% (c)
Metinvest increased revenue by 43% in Q1

Revenues in the steel segment went up 35% in 3M

Sustainalytics присвоило «Метинвесту» рейтинг ESG (с)
Metinvest produced 142 million tons of steel in 15 years

Also, the Group paid ₴165 billion in taxes over this period

«Метинвест» в первом квартале сократил производство стали на 2% (c)
Metinvest cut steel production by 2% in Q1

On the other hand, the Group ramped up production of iron ore concentrate in Q1

«Метинвест» в январе нарастил выручку на 1,5%
Metinvest increased revenues by 1.5% in January

Revenues in the steel segment amounted to $789 million

Видимое потребление металла в Украине в 2021 году может вырасти на 3%
Apparent consumption of metals in Ukraine may increase by 3% in 2021

After shrinking in 2020 by 1%, to 4.58 million tons, domestic consumption of rolled products may increase to 4.72 million tons

«Метинвест» в 2020 году освоил 54 новых вида металлопродукции
Metinvest launched 54 new types of metal products in 2020

The economic effect of the product sales is $22.4 million

«Метинвест» в 2020 году нарастил чистую прибыль на 54% (c) metinvestholding
Metinvest increased net profit by 54% in 2020

The Group’s EBITDA increased by 82% over the year

«Метинвест» в 2020 году увеличил производство стали на 9% (c)
Metinvest increased steel production by 9% in 2020

Over the year, the Group also ramped up production of pig iron and iron ore concentrate

«Метинвест» за 9 мес. сократил выручку на 10% (c)
In Q3 Metinvest demonstrates the best results in two years

In July–September, EBITDA margin in Metinvest’s metallurgical segment made 12.5%

How metallurgists and miners develop IT technologies

In terms of the level of implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies, industry companies are leaders in Ukraine

«Метинвест» в августе сократил выручку на 8% (c)
Metinvest cut its revenues by 8% in August

Revenues in the steel segment amounted to $671 million

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