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Last year, more than 3.5 thousand tons of relevant products were produced and shipped

In March, Kametstal produced the first batch of railcar axles in 2024 in the amount of 2,957 thousand units by order of Ukrainian railcar producers. This is stated in the company’s press release.

«Kametstal’s axle rolling mill continues to operate under martial law and fulfill operational tasks for the production of axles by orders from domestic consumers. Long-term plans to increase production volumes on this unique equipment were disrupted in 2022 due to the full-scale Russian invasion. The plant’s specialists are now using alternative sources of steel billets for axle production, which used to come from Azovstal,» the company said.

At the end of March, the rollers completed the first stage of this year’s program to produce axles for customers. They produced more than 1.6 thousand tons of these products for the construction of domestic railcars and gondola cars for Ukrainian railways.

«These cost-effective products are important for the efficient operation of the enterprise and at the same time necessary for the renewal of the Ukrainian railway fleet,» the statement said.

Last year, the plant produced and shipped more than 3.5 thousand tons of the relevant products.

It should be noted that Kametstal’s axle rolling mill is the only mill in the world that produces axles using the cross-helical rolling method. In the pre-war period, the company’s axles were supplied to customers from Ukraine, Europe and North America.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in May 2023, after an eight-month shutdown, Kametstal resumed operations of its unique axle rolling mill. The plant’s specialists have found alternative ways to produce steel billets, the raw material for axle production.