energy crisis

German rerollers fear bankruptcy due to energy costs

More than half of Germany's sheet steel producers could lose existing electricity contracts by 2023

EUROFER and industriAll call for protection of the EU steel sector

The European steel industry directly provides 310 thousand jobs
German scrap suppliers are concerned about high energy prices

The industry is preparing for a difficult fourth quarter in the scrap market
French Aperam applies energy surcharges to its contracts

Starting from October 2022, the company increased the product cost surcharges to €639/t compared to €480/t a month earlier

German steelmakers expect steel prices to fall in October 2022

Producers will reduce product prices amid falling electricity costs

European governments save steel industry from high electricity prices

Spot electricity prices vary across European countries, and governments are introducing packages of measures to overcome the energy crisis
ArcelorMittal begins temporary shutdowns of steel plants capacities in Europe

The company's blast furnaces will be partially stopped at enterprises in France, Poland, Spain and Germany

The Chinese owner of British Steel is asking for financial help from the UK government

The exact amount Jingye Group is asking is unknown – it could be several hundreds millions of pounds

Germany allocates €200 billion to overcome the energy crisis

The government will introduce mechanisms for an emergency reduction in gas prices and containment of electricity prices

EUROFER once again appealed to the EU for urgent action in the conditions of the energy crisis

The current gas price of around €200/MWh creates a difficult situation for energy-intensive industries

Askoval plans to cut production in half from October 2022

During the next three months, the electric arc furnaces at the plant will not work for several days a week to save electricity
The Italian government supported the steel sector in the conditions of the energy crisis

Tax discounts included in the decree «Aiuti ter» will allow reducing the impact of energy costs in energy-intensive industries

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