The volume of construction in the EU in 2022 increased by 4.8% y/y

EUROFER expects this figure to decrease by 1.6% in 2023


In 2022, global steel production decreased by 4% due to geopolitical challenges, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis
The European Union reduced steel imports by 5% y/y in 2022

The supply of flat rolled products to the EU decreased by 9% y/y for the year, and long products – increased by 11% y/y
The European Union reduced steel exports by 14% y/y in 2022

Shipments of flat rolled products from the EU decreased by 10% y/y, and of long products – by 22% y/y
Consumption of steel products in the EU in 2022 fell by 7.2% – EUROFER

Apparent steel consumption expected to fall 1% in 2023
EUROFER supports the strengthening of sanctions against the export of Russian iron and steel products

Due to the war, Europe lost about 20 million tons of steel from Ukraine
The production of pipes in the European Union in 2022 will grow by 1.9% y/y – EUROFER

According to the association's forecasts, in 2023 the production of pipes in the EU will decrease by 1.9% y/y
Consumption of steel products in the EU will decrease by 1.6% in 2023 – EUROFER

The association predicts that the negative trends of last year will continue to influence in 2023

The EU should stimulate green investments in Europe — EUROFER

The gap in the cost of steel production between the EU and the US may increase to 60%
EUROFER calls on the European Union to include scrap in the list of critical raw materials

A high rate of raw material exports risks jeopardizing both Europe's strategic autonomy and its climate goals

Adolfo Aiello: CBAM should motivate non-EU steel producers to decarbonise

EUROFER Deputy Director General Climate and Energy about the deal on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and review the Emissions Trading System in EU

EUROFER warned of risks for European steel exports

The EU agreed on the reform of the ETS and the gradual abolition of free quotas for carbon emissions

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