industrial policy

Ukraine should encourage the development of the processing industry
The higher the degree of domestic conversion of raw materials, the faster the economy will grow
Green transition: how to go green without going astray
The EU’s experience in the implementation of the green industrial policy can be a driver of economic change in Ukraine
The government established the Ministry of Strategic Industries
The top priority for the new ministry is hi-tech defense
Рада назначила Уруского вице-премьером по промышленности (c)
The Parliament appointed Uruskyi as Vice Prime Minister for industry
A corresponding Resolution was adopted at a plenary session
The Government to launch an economy-boosting program in H2
At the first stage, the Government will focus on protecting Ukraine-made goods from imported alternatives
Украина и Евросоюз ускорят работу над «промышленным безвизом» (c)
Ukraine and the EU to step up work on ‘industrial visa-free regime’
Special attention will be paid to the European Union’s support for small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine
The Ministry of Economy proposes to earmark for industry ₴33 billio...
A total of more than ₴90 billion in state support is proposed to be earmarked for industry, agriculture and exports
Anatoliy Kinakh, “We are losing entire sectors of economy”
The ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine on the menacing situation in the Ukrainian economy and industry
What signals the Cabinet sent to the ukrainian business
The Cabinet’s Action Plan evidences no strong presence of the government in the country’s economic life