state aid
Germany’s SHS plans to receive €2.6 billion from the government for green transition

Berlin may soon receive approval from the European Commission to provide aid to the company
British Steel is close to receiving a support package of £500 million

Jingye Group is aiming for a deal similar to the one with Tata Steel
UK is in talks with Tata Steel about a $630 million aid package

The funding is earmarked for a steel plant in Port Talbot
ArcelorMittal has turned to the Spanish government for financing decarbonization projects

This is a €450 million grant for the decarbonization of the Gijon plant
Germany is awaiting the approval of a €2 billion subsidy for ThyssenKrupp from the EC

The approval of the financing, according to the source, may take place in the coming weeks
Tata Steel UK is asking for a level playing field for the green transition

The company expects subsidies from the UK to decarbonize the steel plant in Port Talbot
Slovak US Steel Kosice will receive €300 million from the government for decarbonization projects

The company plans to replace two blast furnaces with electric arc furnaces. The total cost of the project exceeds €1 billion
A reduction in state support may disrupt the green project of ThyssenKrupp – trade unions

The company needs help in financing the construction of a DRI production plant in Duisburg
Canada has provided $26 billion in tax incentives for green investments

The benefits will be attractive to investors in new, developing industries
Tata Steel may shut down Port Talbot blast furnace

The company seeks to learn about the details of steel support by July 2023
Hungary will provide $45 million to the Dunaferr steel plant to pay salaries

In the next six months, a working group will search for an investor

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