scrap collection

Поставки лома на метпредприятия в первом квартале выросли на 23%
Scrap shipments to steelmakers increased by 23% in Q1
The volume of collected scrap grew by 28%
Поставки лома на метпредприятия в январе выросли на 53,7%
Scrap supplies to steelmakers increased by 53.7% in January
As of the end of January, steelmakers’ scrap stocks amounted to 170–175 thousand tons
«УАВтормет» прогнозирует снижение ломозаготовки в 2021 году на 6,2%
UAVtormet predicts a drop in scrap collection in 2021 at 6–9%
The Association expects the steel output in 2021 to remain at the past year’s level, 20 to 20.5 million tons