Domestic supplies of scrap metal to steel plants during this period amounted to 801.7 thousand tons

The volume of scrap metal collection in Ukraine for January-October 2022 decreased by 74.6% compared to the same period of 2021 – to 875 thousand tons. Ukrainian Association of Secondary Metals (UAVtormet) reports about it.

The export of scrap metal for 10 months of 2022 amounted to 37.7 thousand tons, while in January-October 2021, 503.5 thousand tons of scrap was exported.

The import of scrap metal in January-October 2022 fell to 2 thousand tons compared to 19.8 thousand tons in the same period of 2021.

The association also notes a decrease in scrap supplies to Ukrainian enterprises in January-October 2022 – by 71.1%, to 801.7 thousand tons. Technological scrap stocks at steel enterprises are estimated at 20-25 thousand tons as of November 1, 2022 year.

UAVtormet predicts that scrap collection in Ukraine in 2022 will amount to 930-960 thousand tons. Domestic supplies of scrap metal to steel mills will be at the level of 850-900 thousand tons. At the same time, in the pre-war period, the association expected that scrap collection in 2022 will amount to 3 million tons, and deliveries to steel enterprises will reach 2.85 million tons.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Volodymyr Bublei, president of the UAVtormet association, said that in 2022 need for scrap metal of Ukrainian steel enterprises can reach 3.5 million tons for the production of 21.5 million tons of steel. The export of scrap metal from Ukraine this year could amount to 100,000 tons. Such a forecast was made public in the pre-war period.

In 2021, scrap collection in Ukraine increased by 34.6% y/y – up to 4.1 million tons, scrap metal supplies to steel enterprises increased by 15% y/y – up to 3.3 million tons. Export of scrap metal from Ukraine in 2021 increased 17 times y/y – up to 615.7 thousand tons.