Robert J. Mateer: “Steel will win out over aluminum in the automotive”

Global Steel Solutions president spoke about automotive industry perspectives for 2020

Horst Wiesinger: “Professionalism becomes increasingly important”

Horst Wiesinger Consulting’s CEO shares his thoughts about the future of the European steel industry

Kristian Yerygin: “Slags can and should be used in road construction”

The Commercial Director of Recycling Solutions tells how to do waste business and improve the country’s environment

Rostislav Shurma: “Our production target for 2019 is 4.3 mln tonn of pig iron”

Zaporizhstal CEO tells about how the Company responds to the growing market challenges

Mykhaylo Volynets: “Soon there will be no one left to work in Ukraine”

MP and Chairman of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions talks on how to stop labor migration from Ukraine.

Philipp Englin: “200+ steel executives to expect in Milan, Oct 2019”

World Steel Dynamics’ CEO revealed the key highlights on the upcoming European Steel Conference

Anatoliy Starovoyt: “Russia will soon re-authorize coal exports to Ukraine”

President of Ukrkoks is confident that coal-mining companies of the Kuznetsk Basin region will not want to lose the Ukrainian market

Yuriy Ryzhenkov: “The competition in the market is growing”

Metinvest’s CEO discusses the company’s prospects amid rising protectionism

СЕО DCH Steel Vitaly Bash: “We plan to invest $300 million”

DСH Steel CEO Vitaly Bash spoke about the plans of DCH Group to develop the mining & metals business

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