Ukraine’s mining & metals sector

Employment in the steel industry decreased by 2.6%

Steel workers currently account for 10.4% of all workers employed in the industrial sector

Ukraine’s metals sector decreased steel production by 15.8% in November

This is the lowest monthly steel production since 2012, says a GMK Center analyst

Russia approved duties on Ukrainian galvanized steel

12.69–23.9% anti-dumping duties will be imposed on Ukrainian and Chinese galvanized steel

Capital investment in the steel industry grew by 34% in 9 months

However, the capital investment growth rate hit a decline in Q3

Steel production fell by 12% in October

A greater decline was recorded only in the automotive industry. In general, industrial production fell by 5%

Gas consumption by Ukrainian steel companies in October was 7.2%

Over 10 months, an increase in gas consumption remained the same as in January–September — 1%

«Укрметаллургпром» прогнозирует спад выпуска стали на 10,5% в декабре (c)
Ukrmetallurgprom predicts a decline in steel production by 10.5% in December

Pig iron production may fall by 7.21%, while production of rolled products may grow by 6.25%

Prices for mining & metals products are falling, while prices for industrial products in general are rising

In the first ten months of the current year, only iron ore prices grew, and only due to the rise of the global prices. In October, the global prices fell too

Business Expectations Index drops to 52.3

The largest drop was recorded in the industry and construction due to low expectations for order volumes

The volume of new orders in the steel industry dropped by almost 10%

Conversely, the volume of orders for finished steel products is growing

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