Ukraine’s mining & metals sector

Экспорт полуфабрикатов из Украины в мае сократился на 28,3%
Ukraine’s exports of semi-finished products fell by a third in May

Revenue from exports of iron ore decreased by 12.8% over the five months

Экспорт руды из Украины в мае упал на 17,7%
Ukraine’s exports of iron ore fell by 17.7% in May

Revenue from exports of iron ore increased by 5.7% over the five months

Украинский ГМК в мае сократил выпуск стали на 11,1% (c)
Ukraine’s mining & metals sector cut steel production by 11.1%

Conversely, steel production increased against April

Темпы падения промпроизводства в Украине в апреле ускорились до 16,2%
Industrial production in Ukraine declined by 16.2% in April

Production of steel and finished steel products declined by 29.9%

В первом квартале продажи промпродукции упали 10,3% (c)
Sales of industrial products declined by 10.3% in Q1

Sales of pig iron, steel and ferroalloys decreased by 19.1% in 3 months

Экспорт труб из Украины в апреле упал на 6,6% (c)
Ukraine’s pipe exports decreased by 6.6% in April

In January–April, export revenue fell by 19.7%

Средние зарплаты в ГМК в марте выросли по всем позициям (с)
Average salaries in the mining & metals sector increased in all segments

The highest increase in salaries was recorded at iron and steel companies, 22.2% up to ₴19.7 thousand

Украинский ГМК в январе-марте сократил производство стали на 3,4% (c)
Ukraine’s mining & metals sector cut steel production by 3.4%

Production of rolled products increased by 1.8% over 3 months

Ukraine’s foreign trade in goods declined by 1% in January–March

Ukraine’s exports of goods in Q1 remained at the same level as in Q1 2019

Ukraine’s pig iron exports grew by 11.7% in March

Revenue from pig iron exports declined by 4.3% in Q1

Экспорт руды из Украины в марте вырос на 11,4% (c)
Ukraine’s iron ore exports grew by 11.4% in March

Revenue from iron ore exports increased by 16.7% in Q1

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