Tata Steel

Tata Steel threatens to close Port Talbot plant due to lack of government aid

The company has been asking the British government for £1.5 billion for a decarbonization program for two years, but the authorities are silent

EU court blocks establishment of Thyssenkrupp and Tata Steel joint venture

The joint venture could become the second largest steel producer in Europe

Tata Steel bought 75,000 tons of coal in Russia despite cessation of business ties

The company assures that the agreement on the supply of raw materials was concluded before the cessation of trade relations with Russia

ANNOUNCEMENT: Kalanish EU Steel Markets 2022

The conference will take place on May 30 in Milan

Why sanctions against Russian steel export didn’t work

Voluntary exclusion of Russian products from the supply chain of companies can be more significant than country-level sanctions

Tata Steel stopped all business activities in Russia

Company's plants already use alternative sources of raw materials

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