How European buyers can get rid of their dependence on Russian slabs – Yuriy Ryzhenkov

The justification for the lack of cost-effective alternatives is not entirely true

Metinvest unites mining and beneficiation plants into one management system

Transitional processes at enterprises will be completed within a few months
Metinvest plans to build a green steel plant in Piombino – CEO

The steel plant will use iron ore raw materials from Ukraine

Steel sector of Ukraine is hardest hit by the US trade restrictions

Lifting all trade restrictions is a prerequisite for the survival of the Ukrainian economy
Ukrainian Minings to increase iron content in commercial raw materials

Thus, enterprises will remain competitive in the context of the green transition
Increased iron ore exports will provide significant support to Ukraine’s economy – scientists

Ukraine has some of the world's largest iron ore deposits, and mining companies are currently developing 25 of the 60 explored deposits
Central Mining modernizes roasting machine equipment

Specialists updated the units in 14 days
Zaporizhkoks has invested more than UAH 276 million in the repair of coke oven batteries since 2022

In 2024, the company continues to implement the program of capital repairs of the coke oven fund of the coke shop
Zaporizhstal completes the first stage of overhaul of blast furnace No. 3

In April, specialists plan to start the second stage of restoration of the unit

How Ukraine can protect its steel market from imports

Globalization is over, protection of the domestic market is the only thing that can save local producers in the EU, USA and Ukraine
Metinvest names the most pressing problems for Ukrainian exports during the war

These include expanding logistics capabilities, currency liberalization, and transparent rules for booking workers.
Metinvest Pokrovskvugillia is preparing to launch two more new longwall faces

The company commissioned the 11th longwall of block 10 at the end of February

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