Landing units received a batch of equipment that will help defend the water borders of Ukraine

As part of Rinat Akhmetov’s Steel Front military initiative, Metinvest Group has handed over a batch of equipment worth UAH 53 million to the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ airborne units. It includes 10 high-speed RIB boats of 9-11 meters, 12 trailers for their operational transportation and 800 self-inflating life jackets. This is stated in the company’s statement.

This equipment will help to conduct naval special operations and defend Ukraine’s water borders.

RIB boats are boats with inflatable sides and a rigid bottom, which are especially appreciated by the military of different countries for their lightness, high practicality and speed, and excellent seaworthiness. Due to their design, they do not require any special mooring equipment, which makes them easy to operate in emergency situations.

«These boats are very light, and thanks to their engine power, they are very fast. The group can go ashore and then get on the water in one second to perform combat missions. Special thanks to Metinvest for the special trailers for these boats,» said an Armed Forces soldier with the call sign “Student”.

Specialized trailers further facilitate the task by enabling lightning-fast operations. Thanks to them, boats can be launched directly from the coast, and no additional unloading equipment is required.

As the company explained, it took a long time to find the boats and trailers, as the military required specific specifications.

«We considered several options, looking for boats all over the world. It took about four months. In the end, we settled on one European manufacturer who was able to provide both the right quality and delivery. These boats can accommodate 10-12 people and will be used by the defense forces for amphibious operations in the Black Sea,» Oleksandr Vodoviz, head of the project office of the Metinvest group, said.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Metinvest since the beginning of the war in Ukraine supports both the state and the military. During this period, UAH 4.2 billion was allocated to military and civilian needs. More than UAH 2 billion has been allocated to support the Ukrainian army.