More than UAH 2.5 billion is directed to the needs of the army through the military initiative «Steel Front»

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Metinvest Group has allocated UAH 4.8 billion to help Ukraine and its citizens, including more than UAH 2.5 billion for the needs of the army as part of the Steel Front military initiative. This is stated in the company’s press release.

In 2022, Metinvest started producing steel products for the frontline. In particular, the company has established a technology for the production of special steel for armor plates, the main components of body armor. Protection is provided to all those who need it. The company has also equipped 200 frontline vehicles with armor, and more than 330 special mobile shelters protect soldiers at the front.

Since the beginning of the war, the company’s enterprises have also produced and delivered more than 250 units of fake artillery to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They protect real equipment and force the enemy to spend expensive ammunition to destroy realistic targets. Nearly 70 buggy vehicles were produced for the military from metal supplied by Metinvest-SMC.

To strengthen the defense capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the company has established a systematic supply of equipment to the frontline. In particular, the defenders received more than 1,500 reconnaissance drones, 2,000 units of high-precision military optics, 450 backup power systems, 875 units of communication equipment, more than 520 vehicles for various purposes and 1.2 million liters of fuel to refuel them.

At the same time, 10 high-speed boats and trailers for their transportation and 800 self-inflating life jackets worth UAH 53 million help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to resist the enemy on the water.

Another major area of Metinvest’s work under the Steel Front military initiative is to help demine Ukraine. To this end, the company has launched the production of mine-clearing trawls.

Currently, more than 8,000 Metinvest employees serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The company provides them with bulletproof vests, helmets, and winter clothing sets.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the company has refocused the format of its social programs to address the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians. Most of the aid comes within the Saving Lives humanitarian project.

More than half a million people have already benefited from the project. We have delivered 4,200 tons of food, personal care products and other essentials to Ukraine. And hospitals have been provided with medicines and equipment worth UAH 9.5 million.

The Group is already making plans to rebuild Ukraine after the victory and has presented the Steel Dream, a concept for rebuilding housing and social infrastructure. It includes more than 200 ready-made building projects based on prefabricated elements – a steel frame, module and platform. It is already planned to restore housing using this technology after de-occupation in Mariupol and Bakhmut.

«The war made us feel what it was like to lose the most valuable things. But it did not make us give up. We have managed to rebuild our business to meet the difficult realities of today. We have established supplies of equipment and ammunition to the frontline. We organized systematic assistance to the affected civilians. And we are already making plans to rebuild Ukraine after the victory. Metinvest’s team has been, is and will remain a reliable support for the country and its people. We are ready to overcome any challenges because we know who we are protecting and what we are fighting for,» the company’s CEO Yuri Ryzhenkov comments.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Metinvest Group has mobilized additional resources for the construction of military fortifications for the first and second lines of defense in key combat areas. Highly skilled professionals (drivers, crane and excavator operators) and diversified equipment are being engaged in the construction of fortifications.