eurozone GDP
EC has worsened the forecast for the growth of the Eurozone economy in 2023

GDP of the Eurozone and the EU is expected to grow by 0.8% this year
The EC improved the EU GDP growth forecast in 2023 to 1%

EU GDP is expected to grow by 1.7% in 2024
Eurozone GDP increased by 0.1% q/q in the first quarter

In annual terms, GDP growth amounted to 1.3%
The Eurozone showed growth in the fourth quarter of 2022

GDP in the eurozone increased by 0.1% compared to the previous quarter
The economy of the Eurozone will suffer the most from the global recession – OECD

European countries will feel the hardest hit as the Russian war hits business activity and causes a spike in energy prices

Eurozone GDP increased by 0.6% in the second quarter

The indicator was worsened compared to the previous estimate of 0.7%

The EC adjusted its macro forecast for the eurozone and the EU for 2023

Brussels is also concerned about high inflation, which will peak in the third quarter of this year