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Бизнес призывает Раду ввести мораторий на увеличение эконалога (с) shutterstock.com
Business calls to impose moratorium on a hike in environmental tax
If environmental tax rate increases, the Ukrainian industrial sector may suffer significant losses
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Environmental tax payments of Ukrainian steelmakers increased by 40...
The business paid ₴3.9 billion in environmental tax over the last year
В январе отчисления эконалога в госбюджет составили 47,9 млн грн (c) shutterstock.com
Environmental tax revenues totaled ₴47.9 million in January
Northern GOK and Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol were among the TOP 10 environmental tax payers
A higher carbon tax is going to have a negative impact on Ukraine
The foregone carbon tax revenue will amount to ₴260 million in 2019
АМКР уплатил уже больше 100 млн грн эконалога в 2019-м © infonews.org.ua
MPs propose to raise the environmental tax fourfold
Environmental tax revenue will increase from ₴3.5 billion to ₴14 billion in 2020