Kametstal put into operation a diesel locomotive that previously worked at Azovstal

Before the Russian invasion, the diesel locomotive was sent to Zaporizhzhia for overhaul

Metinvest sues Russia in the European Court of Human Rights

16 Group's companies have already submitted claims to the ECHR, more than 10 will do the same by the end of 2022

Metinvest has set up a working group for the new Azovstal project

Construction can take 3+ years, depending on the final design

Mariupol’s steel plants ask to start criminal cases over the metals thefts

The damage amounts to tens of millions of dollars

Azovstal and Ilyich Iron and Steel Works damage cost $11 billion, SCM says

The pre-war capitalization of the two plants in Mariupol reached $10 billion, $1 billion was the cost of raw materials and finished steel

What Azovstal means for Ukraine’s steel industry and the world economy

The plant accounts for every 5th ton of steel, 0.6% of Ukraine's GDP and 3.8% of exports of goods

Ukraine loosed 2% of GDP because of Mariupol’s destruction

Main losses connected with damages of steel plants, which produced 40% of crude steel in Ukraine