The project raised UAH 300 million for drones for the Armed Forces

The Ukrainian component of the international award in the field of advertising and marketing communications Effie Awards has named the agencies and best projects in 2023. The main prize went to the project «Azovstal. A Symbol of Perseverance», created by Gres Todorchuk for the UNITED24 fundraising platform and Metinvest Group. This is stated in the company’s message.

According to Yuriy Ryzhenkov, CEO of Metinvest Group, this is a recognition even for a project or partners.

«This recognition is not about the project or its partners. It is proof that Azovstal is a new symbol for every Ukrainian and even for foreigners. In years to come, such symbols will become the embodiment of our victory over the aggressor in this war. Therefore, I was not surprised that so many people in Ukraine and abroad wanted a steel memento from the legendary plant, or that the Effie Awards jury chose to honour the project with the grand prize. I would like to thank UNITED24, Gres Todorchuk and our other partners for implementing the project. For our part, we will continue to actively support the Ukrainian Defence Forces. We will stand side by side with our defenders for as long as it is needed,» he said.

The partners came up with the idea for the project in the fall of 2022. Back then, the whole world knew about the defense of Mariupol and Azovstal, which became a fortress for the city’s defenders. Unique bracelets were made from the last pre-war batch of steel from the plant, which was provided by Metinvest. 100,000 bracelets were sold to 44 countries and worn by global public figures, politicians, and stars.

The project raised more than UAH 300 million to help Ukraine, and all the proceeds from the sale of the bracelets were used to create a drone army for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Metinvest’s participation in the Azovstal. A Symbol of Invincibility» project was part of Rinat Akhmetov’s Steel Front military initiative. It was made possible through cooperation between the group, UNITED24 and Gres Todorchuk. The bracelets were designed by SOVA jewelry house, delivered by Nova Poshta and sold by Rozetka.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in November, the Mine Action Center of the State Special Transport Service was opened in Chernihiv region. Metinvest Group was a partner in its construction through United 24. The group’s total investment in the construction amounted to UAH 9.5 million.