Before the Russian invasion, the diesel locomotive was sent to Zaporizhzhia for overhaul

Kametstal Iron and Steel Works put into operation the powerful TEM 7 shunting diesel locomotive, which worked at Azovstal before the war. This is stated in the company’s press release on the Facebook page.

The unit has a power of 2,000 horsepower, which is almost twice as much as in TEM 2. The operation of the new locomotive expands the capabilities of railway workers of the steel plant to transport heavy loads – blast furnace slag or finished steel products.

New batteries of European quality were purchased for the start-up and stable operation of the restored TEM 7. Specialists of the Kametstali railway transport department repair shop installed them and carried out maintenance.

Before the war, this diesel locomotive worked at the facilities of Azovstal. On the eve of the Russian invasion, the locomotive was sent to Zaporizhzhya Locomotive Repair Plant (ZTRZ) for overhaul. Due to the forced stoppage of the Mariupol asset, the locomotive changed its location to Kametstal.

“The locomotive, which these days began to work on the railway tracks of the combine, has its own history. We believe that after the Victory it will definitely return to his native enterprise. At Kametstal, it will serve for the transportation of goods, and our railway workers, in turn, will take good care of its proper technical condition,” the message says.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Kametstal Iron and Steel Woks has produced the second batch of 3.3 thousand axles for railcars and locomotives since the beginning of the war. The products were made to the order of domestic consumers.

The company put into operation axle-rolling mill, which was temporarily stopped. The plant arranged for deliveries of axle blanks produced by the Interpipe company, while before the war the parts came from Azovstal.