Steel prices are stabilizing in Turkiye for post-earthquake reconstruction

Producers of long rolled steel have stopped accepting orders for rebar from traders

Global scrap prices are rising amid improving market sentiment

Demand for scrap metal continues to rise following announcements by the Turkish government to rebuild cities after the earthquake

Turkiye postponed the increase in tariffs on the import of flat rolled products

The new rates will come into effect on April 1, 2023

Turkiye reduced steel production by 2% m/m in January 2023

In one month, Turkish steelmakers produced 2.6 million tons of steel

Turkiye imported 585.2 thousand tons of iron ore from Ukraine in 2022

Turkish steelmakers reduced their purchases of Ukrainian steel by 50.6% y/y

Turkiye imported 157.5 thousand tons of pig iron from Ukraine in 2022

In December, Turkish steelmakers increased imports of Ukrainian iron by 28.4% y/y

Turkiye imported 210.2 thousand tons of rolled steel from Ukraine in 2022

In December 2022, Turkish consumers received 6.4 thousand tons of Ukrainian hot-rolled steel

World prices for scrap metal decreased slightly amid the consequences of the earthquake in Turkiye

Activity in the Turkish scrap market is almost zero due to the shutdown of steel mills due to the earthquake

Turkiye imported 117.5 thousand tons of steel billets from Ukraine in 2022

In total, during the year, the country's steelmakers imported 2.52 million tons of such products

The earthquake paralyzed a third of the steel production capacity in Turkiye

Steel processing plants in the south of the country may not work until the end of February

Iskenderun steel mills announce force majeure

Prices for imported scrap on the Turkish market did not change on February 10

Turkiye’s Borusan Mannesmann wins Section 232 lawsuit against US

The company received $48.9 million from the United States customs authorities

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